Our always changing and growing staff have a diverse range of skills & disciplines

About Us

Quovus was founded by Dr Lisa and Brendan Fahey, and formed by a small group of committed clinicians working together within services originally based in New South Wales, Australia. The group forecast that with the privatisation and evolution of human services into the non-government sector there was a projected need for a new model in the delivery of clinical and specialist support, with an emphasis on wellbeing, safety, and achieving outcomes.

Quovus contracts people that represent a diverse range of skills and disciplines, including psychologists, human service operational managers, clinicians and therapists, specialist trainers, business analysts, and marketing and systems administrators. Our team keeps continues changing and growing to ensure we can have the best people to respond to identified client needs.

Quovus has worked consistently to achieve and maintain the high quality of its products and services. In all aspects of service, we utilise an ‘evidence-based practice model’, which matches all our activity to research and proven supports. Quovus maintains a close link with all industry-based standards to ensure practice currency and compliance.