Ensuring quality in caring for people with special needs


Quovus is a motivated team of Human Service professionals who live and work throughout urban and regional Australia. We are a privately funded organisation whose mission over the last 15 years has been to ensure that only the best possible service is delivered to individuals with disabilities and complex support needs in our communities. We provide Behaviour Support Assessments and Plans, Psychological Assessments and Services, Training, Accreditation Support, and much more.

Quovus works innovatively with our partners in the delivery of effective support and assistance to people within the NDIS & disability, mental health, and children services communities. This requires an integrated approach where all those involved work collaboratively to enhance an individual’s quality of life. Quovus assists partners to develop resources, measure outcomes, and monitor the quality of service to individuals in an ethical and cost-effective manner. Our consultancy frameworks and range of professional tools are designed to target all levels of human services and provide solutions to complex personal and organisational issues.

We at Quovus believe in the development of capacities and attitudes that allow all community members to participate positively in society free from neglect, abuse, discrimination, and marginalisation. We believe that all individuals, their families, and the organisations that support them should have access to resources that allow meaningful goals and outcomes to be achieved.