Quality plans and programs for individual clients with complex needs

Individual and Family Support

Quovus provides clinical guidance and support to direct and assist decision-making around the development of robust and quality plans and programs for individual clients with complex needs. We work closely in conjunction with your agency staff to develop clear documentation systems and meaningful case management practices.

Model Options Considerations Report

A Model Options and Considerations Report (MOCR) is a review and assessment of client needs and an analysis of service model considerations. It is developed to determine the service and support inclusions, and appropriate arrangements required to sustain and provide for an identified client. The focus of the report is to assist the client’s accommodation service provider in creating a plan of service provision around their support requirements.

Quovus can be engaged to conduct this independent review of the client’s requirements and associated plans to assist in their management. This service has particular advantage where a change and transition in accommodation or other support is under consideration and also where review, reconfiguration, or re-development of planned supports for a client within their existing services is indicated.

The information gathered during this process will enable a service organisation to develop support plans that are directly related to the service model inclusions prescribed in this assessment. Consequently, this will enable that service organisation to shape effective service delivery for the client.

The Service Model Considerations Report comprises two key elements: