Building knowledge, skills and confidence


Provent is our protective behaviours course specifically designed to assist people in managing challenging behaviour they can experience in their lives and workplaces.

Working with the risk associated with behavioural escalation is a reality for many individuals and work teams. Provent helps participants to build the knowledge, skills and confidence essential to managing these risks in a proactive, ethical and safe way. Provent is about taking an objective and practical look at what is actually going on when incidents occur, understanding both our own and other people’s behaviour, and how we can be preventative and planned in our responses to managing these complex and demanding interactions.

Provent is designed to be an interactive course which encourages participants to get involved and think critically about approaches to managing difficult behavioural situations. In this way, the course is able to directly relate and respond to current issues experienced in individual’s and team contexts.

Provent is presented in 3 formats (please go to the selection buttons for each of these courses for further information):


Provent participants are now able to access the modules of the course electronically.

The on-line application means that individuals and groups are able to work through the content at their own pace and in their own context, undertake assessment and have a ready resource into the future.

Provent On-Line can also be supported by targeted direct sessions with Provent clinicians to support the acquisition of physical components and discussion of specific group requirements.

Provent Sessions

Face-to-Face Provent Sessions are group and team based training programs designed to provide participants with information, knowledge and solutions to behavioural issues in an interactive and practical format over 2 days.

The course works well as an introduction and/or reinforcement of safety and approaches in this area of work for staff: it provides information across a range of related topics and offers participants a structured basis to respond to challenging behaviour in their workplace.

The course is intensive and is effective in circumstances where staff or teams are exposed to high and frequent behavioural occurence, where there are team-based response issues, or where programs are under review due to changing conditions. Provent provides positive reinforcement for strong team dynamics.

Facilitated Workshops

The Workshops are a highly effective way for you to target key operational issues in the workplace within a proactive framework of learning, problem solving and risk management.

Participants undertake either the On-Line component of the course or complete the 2-Day Face to Face Session prior to taking part in a team workshop facilitated by Provent clinicians.

The Workshop can be utilised in a variety of ways depending on the requirements of your organisation. For example, you may be looking to focus on direct and specific clinical issues within your service context, or perhaps consolidating the Provent course material with a group of key personnel. Your Provent coordinator will work closely with you to plan you Workshop session.

Provent is highly flexible and is able to be readily customised to support the specific requirements of your organisation. Talk to us about the most effective way to target your workplace requirements.